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We focus on helping service-based businesses make sense of their numbers, set financial goals and provide support throughout the life of the business.

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Think Of Us As Your Partner In Business

From setting up your accounting systems, to analyzing financials to drive performance we are here every step of the way.

We meet you where you are – if you are just starting out and need some questions answered, but aren’t ready for a full-service accounting firm, we offer a la carte services to suit your needs.

If you need monthly accounting services, we offer a 3-tiered service approach to fit your business needs.

Monthly Accounting Services

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Basic Package

  • Monthly income and expense categorization
  • Bank account reconciliation
  • Month end review
  • P&L on demand
  • Monthly one-on-one meeting
  • Unlimited e-mail communication
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Essential Package

All basic package item PLUS

  • Weekly income and expense categorization
  • A/P and A/R management
  • Payroll report reconciliation (excludes payroll services)
  • Basic financial statments (P&L YTD by month, Balancesheet, AP Aging, A/R Aging)
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Premium Package

All essential package items PLUS

  • KPIs, cash flow forecast, budgeting, other tailored reporting
  • CFO level support for policies and procedure/vendor selection/vendor management etc.

All packages include an onboarding meeting, and access to a dedicated portal.

Tax Services

Monthly Subscription Package

This new service is specifically designed for business owners who choose to DIY their books but still need accountant support throughout the year


  • 4 hours of customized QuickBooks training on topics of your choice
  • 4 quarterly meetings to discuss estimated taxes or any other tax, finance or accounting questions you may have.  It’s best to schedule these in advance to have a clear agenda and use this time to your advantage!
  • Best Part???  Your tax return is included in the subscription!  Please note, this service assumes the bookkeeping is done and ready,

Note: quarterly meetings can always be replaced with more training if you feel like you don’t need 4 quarterly meetings, but may need 6 hours of training for example.

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Tax Preparation Icon

Tax Preparation Icon

Tax Preparation

We provide personal and business tax preparation services. More detailed quotes will be given during the discovery call.

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Estimated Tax Analysis

We can help you figure out your tax liability for the year to ensure you are not under- or over- paying on taxes.

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Entity Election Analysis

If you are a single-member LLC wondering whether you should make an S Corp tax election, we offer entity election analysis, complete with a reasonable compensation study. You receive solid tax analysis that calculates your proposed reasonable compensation based on IRS guidelines and extensive tax analysis which will quantify potential tax savings if S election is made and outline additional costs.

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Reasonable Compensation Study

  • Reasonable compensation is an important part of complying with IRS reasonable compensation requirements for S-Corp and C-Corp owners. The study will provide audit proof report which will detail your reasonable compensation requirements using the same methodology as the IRS.
  • 45-min in person interview will allow us to complete an in-depth interview to help us produce a reasonable compensation report, discuss the result and provide some general education around what reasonable compensation is, what it isn’t and its relationship to shareholder distributions for S Corp owners.

A La Carte Services

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Tax Preparation Icon

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Retainer Services

  • This offering is based on the number of hours that are paid up front for any services that you may want to engage us in.
  • The type of services included will depend on your needs.
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Quarterly Review

  • Review for proper bank reconciliation of all bank & credit card accounts, as well as loan & other balance sheet accounts where reconciliation is appropriate
  • Review of payroll entries, if applicable
  • Review of income/expense categorizations for consistency
  • Review of balance sheet items for consistency and completeness

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QuickBooks Set Up

  • Proper subscription level-we offer 30% wholesale discount to our client for the life of the subscription which is billed to them annually or monthly
  • Customized Chart of Accounts
  • Turn on bank feeds, integrations (upload of current activity is included for current year only*)
Quickbook clean up icon

Quickbook clean up icon

QuickBooks Clean Up

This is a highly specialized service, and the quote is dependent upon the extent of the cleanup needed. Minimum5 hours is payable up front as a retainer.