Webinar Alert! Entity Election Webinar

by | May 4, 2023 | Taxes

As you know It’s been an incredibly busy year for North Shore Accounting Services. Don’t miss our newest webinar “Things to Consider when making an S -Corp election”. I developed this webinar with my partner, Sarah Tatum as part of our newest venture: a boutique, virtual-CFO & strategic advisory firm aimed at helping business owners find growth and direction through financial empowerment. The webinar focuses on reasonable compensation for S Corporations and entity election for LLCs, both hot topics in the world of small business.

A quick overview of what the webinar covers:

  • Reasonable compensation study: an important part of complying with IRS reasonable compensation requirements for S-Corp owners. We go over IRS requirements and how you can set an “audit-proof” reasonable comp salary.
  • Entity election analysis:  We hear from single-member LLC owners every day wondering whether they should make an S Corp tax election. We’ll go over potential tax savings and benefits (plus cons) if S election is made and outline additional costs.The webinar will be led by Sarah and myself. We each have extensive experience in these areas and will provide valuable insights and practical tips for business owners. The webinar is scheduled for May 18th at 12 EST and is a $25 charge. A recording will be provided to all who register for the event.